After the disapointment of being the bubble for the first time in my life in my last tourny my 5th $2.5 out of the 10 i am staked to play was a very nice turn around.
I took my stak from about 8k which had me in about 10th position with 18 people to go (too close to that bubble spot of 13th for my liking) and built it up so i was inside the top 3 as the bubble burst when i knocked out a short stak, i think my stak was put up to 25kish so it was a very nice increase from the 8k .
I did it by stealing the blinds of the three players to my left plus piking up the antes for about 3 circuits, i also took down afew small-medium pots whenever i piked up real hands .

My relief of not bubbling 2 tournys in a row was quickly forgotten as i found my self in a really good position to take control of the final table and pocket my self the $50 for first place.
I went on to win the tourny which felt pretty good as it covers all my buyins and more for the staking agreement i have with my staker. Which really takes any pressure off for the last 5 games.

If u want to check out my review of the final table go to

i have included 5 significant hands out of the 150-200 that the final table took. the first one is an early big bluff. the second two are the two largest pots that i won with marginal hands and the last two hands are knocking out 3rd and 2nd place.
I hope you like it
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Cya at the tables