The third tourny was not very exciting and i finished middle of the pack after never really getting started,
The third tournament however seemed so much more promising i was playing well and staying around 7-15 on the chip leaderboard but unfortunatly it was ment to be for me in this tourny and i bubbled 13th position for the first time in my life found my self thinking im that guy, the guy that no one wants to be "bubble boy".
Im so use to getting close to the money and then bullying my way into the money but instead i was the one being bullied, there was one particular stak who just riped into me and im not use to that so it was really a big shock. My knock out hand was Aj i had it on the button and the action was folded around to me, i shoved into a big stak and tiny stak in the blinds thinking the little stak would never call me unless he has a monster and the big stak would call me with alot of hands, many of which i have dominated, neway i didnt mind risking going out on the bubble for the chance of getting a stak that could possibly make a run for the top 3.
The big stak did call but he had AQ no jacks came and that was it .