Well it wasnt what i had been hoping for thats for sure.
I just couldnt seem to win a pot.
First big blow was about 4 or 5 hands in when i was dealt AK i raised preflop and got 3 callers, flop came kj9 rainbow, i bet 60% pot to try narrow the field and get rid of some gutshot drawers.
I got one caller and the turn came a friendly 6, he checked and i checked behind trying to contol the pot as i felt i was either being slow played by 2 pair or q10 or i was agains KQ or K10 and i didnt see KQ or K10 folding so checked for that reason. neway river came a 10 and at this point i knew i was beat as no hand in m opponents range lost to me now. he bet out about 120 and i called as the pt was already 600ish but i probs still shoudl ahve folded, he had KQ and i was down about 400.
Next hand i got 23 and limped behnd afew limpers, flop was a nice 239 with 2 hearts and i bet when it was checked to me. i got 2 callers, one i had position on and one had position on me.
turn came a J and i felt i was almost certainly ahead so i bet 150 which was about half pot.
the river came a third heart and the first player checked, i decided to bet 150 again as a defensive bet with the intention of folding to a raise, the player behind me folded but the player in the blinds check raised me to 550 , at this point i knew i was beat and still called he had the nut flush and i was down to 380 chips.
The very next hand there were afew limpers before me and i got AJ of clubs and i raised to about 70 with the intention of shoving if an ace, jack, flush draw or any other appealing flop fell, the flop came jack high which was beautiful to c so i shoved my last 300 and unfortunatly ran into AA who had been one of the limpers before me.
Im hoping for a better run in the next one which i am registered in at the moment, wish me luck