So its now been just less than 10 full days since i started my Broll Building Mission and i have saftly and confidentlally grown my $10 deposit to over $30 :-D

I originally applyed never buying into a table for more than 1 dollar for NL games and no more than 1.5 for Fl games when i was playing razz.

For multi tabled tournys i applyed a rule where i had to have atleast 20 buyins at that level so i played in 3 or 4 50c 45 man sitngos and won 2 .
Since passing $20 i have played in several 1.5 dollar 6 seater sitngos and have made a nice profit in those too.
I realise that i slightly went over my broll managment limits for those games but they were the smallest of that game type and now i am past 30$ i am applying a no more than 5% of my broll rule to those and i will probably apply a no more than 2% rule to any future Multitable tournys unless they are less than or equal to 1$.
So thats my update for now
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