I went in a 50c 90 man sitngo just moments ago and i discovered the fields are very soft. My stratagy of waiting for very good hands or very nice speculative hands and then staking my opponent when there good worked amazing.

I made 2 big errors in the tourny, one where  it was blind on blind and i decided to bluff allin from th big blind after my opponent bet out on a paired board, nfortunatly he actually had the three of a kind and i was crushed from 10k to about 800 chips with blinds at 300 600 i think. neway next hand i was luky enough to win as i was forced to call and with the blind and antes was back to several k, i then waited for a hand and got QQ utg which was great as i looked like i was desperatly shoving and i got called by 66 in the big blind. This put me back up to a niceish stack and i waited my way into the money

Inside the money i ran hot knocking out 12th,11th,and 9th, (12th and 11th) were knocked out when i got AA consecutive hands this put me as a big stack and then when i knocked out 9th i was chip leader.

My second big mistake was calling a 12k allin bet from a tight player wen i was leading on 29k, i called with AQ diamonds but i was certain he had AK, AQ or AA-88, so i knew the best i could be was a coin flip. I called hoping it was a coin flip as winning that wud have all but gauranteed me first with such a substantial chip lead.

Afew hands later i shoved with AK utg when we were 7 handed and a slightly shorter stak called with Aces this was the third time he had had ace at the ft so shows if u can run good u can also run into people running better . Flop came KQJ all hearts and turn came 10 hearts giving him a royal flush

That shud have been my tourny over but i ran good again and managed to double up afew times before getting knocked out in 5th place.

It was good fun and has added a nice 20% to my bank roll so is a good step forward. :-D
Ill probably b playing in many more of these sitngos over the next few weeks and im sure ill make many more final tables and win some. Ill keep u updated :-D