Just came 45th out of just over 2500 players in a 10c tourny and took down a massive prize of 55c :-D .
Only played for abit of fun but would have been prety nice to have taken down the $44 for first place.
Atleast its another step forward in my poker journy, not the quickest way of building a bankroll but was good fun.
Im not really sure on how i should approach building my bankroll as the 1c/2c nl holdem tables are abit crazy and suprisingly hard for me to make a profit as due to how unpredictable the players are.
Any ideas on an alternative way to build it up?
I was thinking i would play in the pso tournys that run and see if i can get high on the leader board in that but im just not sure if thats a good investment of my time either.
Any thoughts would be appreciated :-D