To start my first session i bought in for 1 dollar at a 1c/2c NL Holdem 9seater ring game.
After much bad luck and many bad plays by me, i found my self down $2.30.

Then i moved to play razz instead, i played 4/8c with a 1c anti and within no time found my self back in the black . I end this session up 61c with my bankroll now $10.61, its only a small win obviously but i know in time if i continue to play well and not move up the stakes untill my bankroll can handle it then i can grow my bankroll into some serious money.

By the way
the rules i plan to apply once my bankroll is over $20 is dont buy into a NL cash game with more than 5% of my bankroll
Dont play in a multitable tourny for more than 2% (i may alter this one to play only in 1 dollar tournys as i feel i can cash deep regularly in these provided i play slow ones not turbos).
And Dont play in any one table sitngo for more than 5% either.
Im suprisingly excited about this even thogh the stakes are so small