I have been raring to go and start my climb towards $25k worth of MTT profit in 2014, but things have not been able to start in earnest yet.......because of the weather!



Those of you from the UK will be more than aware of the battering we have had pretty much non stop for the last 3 weeks, and where I live is bang in the middle of it all!

Don't get me wrong, I view myself as very lucky that for the last year I am living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country on the Somerset levels. For a city boy it was always my dream to live a rural life, my tiny village is also part of an area steeped in myths and there is a fantastic sense of history all around. Just 3 miles down the road is the Isle of Athelney were King Alfred the Great lived within his fortress.  Nothing is more relaxing than looking out of my office window during a hard days grind and being able to watch and listen to the woodpeckers,  see the kestrels and buzzards swooping down in flight, and if I am lucky get a visit from  one of the local herons. With the ducks, geese and cows too it feels like I am part of my rural bliss. 

Nature is a beautiful but powerful beast. The continuous storms resulted a few days ago in the river that runs at the back of the field that border my garden recording it's highest ever high tide level. It was also due to a storm surge and high spring tide but it peaked at 8m 30cm........that is over 27 feet in old money!  The river also runs along side the road that goes through the village and has now flooded most of the surrounding area and roads.

Nervous moments then now, as the water levels keep rising. This is why I am yet to hit my MTTs hard. I daren't invest heavy in a schedule when I have no idea how long I am able to play and if the power lines and such will hold.  The view from my garden at the moment has gone from this:

to this:

If that wasn't scary enough a 35ft section of the 80 foot tall Weeping Willow tree that is at the front of my house snapped last night and is hanging by a thread   If it comes down it takes out all the power and telephone lines to the whole village   Waiting for an emergency crew to come and sort it all out before it is too late.


SO....that is my excuse for not launching my MTT journey as of yet!

What it has enabled me to do however is look into what I want to do and how I am to do it. 

My play in 2014 will be on stars but also some other networks also. I will play a lot on the largest European network. (Not sure if I am able to name other pokersites in this blog?). I started playing on the European network some years back now, and done really well in MTT's there.

These are my results there from when I played there from the last 6 months of 2009:


Followed by my 2010 results:


These were just my tracked results on this site and didn't include non network games.  2010 was a decent year on other sites also and made several thousand more on them.

So that is why, across all networks I feel very confident I can clear $25k in profit in 2014. If I done that playing around 2,500 MTT's then playing 5,000 MTT''s should be easy right?

Well if it was easy I would have done it every year, the fact is I haven't. What I need to do is look at my good period and see what was working for me then, and what has changed.

The first thing is my routine. I used to be able to sit down and play 36 hours solid, and then reluctantly go to sleep. I used to plan on paper every game. I used to play every game knowing I could win it. My confidence was sky high  and I had 'a buzz' then that I haven't had since. I definately aim to plan my time better in 2014.

What I loved about that 2009/10 period was it wasn't swingy. My graph was, to me, the ideal shape. No massive downswings over a relatively decent sample and a lovely constant rise. That is what I aim to get back in 2014, but how?  Well I studied the games I played and what stood out was during that period I played a lot lower average buy in than I have since.  So the risk to my bankroll was small and the rewards relativly large especially as volume was high. In fact my ROI in sub $5 buy ins was over 440% and  in buy ins $1 - $10 was 217% over a 1,500+ MTT sample.

Then I looked deeper into my games, and was a little shocked at what I found. See I always used to play rebuys and speed/turbo rebuys but never considered myself any better at them than any other format.  My tracked result history seems to suggest otherwise. It turns out that on the 'european' network in the speed/turbo format for buy ins ranging from $1-$10 I have made 48 final tables. Of these there were 9 firsts, 3 seconds, 7 thirds, 6 fourths and 6 fifths. With fields at their peak around the 800-1400 mark around 2009 in those games I was pretty chuffed to see this.  I was now looking at my recent play over the years on stars and I have noticed I virtually NEVER played any form of rebuy, apart from an occasional splash.  It goes without saying this  will be changing in 2014!

The last factor which will change in 2014 is playing my own dollar. I am more than adequately rolled to play micros/low stakes and so don't really need it. Much of my MTT play last year and the year before on stars were for a few private investors. Both were supportive during bad runs but I felt a little trapped. Trapped into playing games at times I didn't always enjoy and it felt at times I was just pushing buttons. My game wasn't MY GAME and it felt like I was tightening up at the wrong times, like the bubble, just to get a safe cash and that is not my style and not the way to win.

I am not saying I will ONLY play $1- $10 buy ins or that 80 percent of my games will be speed/turbo rebuys but going through previous results has definitely given me a new focus and I know which direction I need to be going.

That is all from me for today, time to find some more sandbags!