'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and poker.'


Poker has always been in my blood. From a very small boy I recall watching Kenny Rogers in 'The Gambler' and thinking to myself how kewl a poker players life was. 'Maverick'  followed and  with every episode seeds were sown a little deeper as with every Western where there was a saloon scene and a card game. Coupled with the continuous Country music piped through our  family home in the suburbs of South London in the late 70's and 80's I guess I was destined for a life with a large chunk of Americana thrown in.

Thirty  years on and Poker is now my mistress, and at times we have the ultimate love/hate relationship. This is my first blog attempt, and through it will look to share my highs and lows, thoughts and dreams through the journey that is 2014 and beyond. Whilst having a strong poker bias there may be some other random musings and digressions, but let's just go with the flow. 


I will be posting a little about previous events in future posts, one step at a time huh.  So on to my 2014 goals, I have already posted in the  challenges forum but here is a little recap:


-Start a blog and update at least once a week.

-Concentrate and focus on MTT's and not get derailed chasing various pokersites promotions. 

-Play at least 5,000 MTTS, average target buy in $10, overall target roi across all sites 50% = target profit $25k.

-Get to play at least 3 poker festivals in 2014. Nothing beats the buzz of going abroad and playing a festival, different cultures, meeting new people, and having fun. 

-Make $1000 in total cashes in 2014 in PSO Premier Skill League. 

Secondary goals:

Hit 1 x 5 figure score and 10 x 4 figure scores in 2014

Win a Triple Crown ( gotta have ambition right )

Turn a nice little profit staking.

Make an overall profit from my festival trips....this means making enough from poker to cover flights/food/hotel etc.. I don't bother playing sats to get in to these trips so need to cover costs.


So there........no going back now! All down on paper (sic) so will give it my best shot!

In my next blog post I will be going into why I think $25k profit in MTT's is achievable, how I plan to do it, my target games and more. 

Hope 2014 is a great one for us all,  bye for now.