Well it was nothing but bad calls and my fait was sealed, I was dealt pp99 in middle position so i push all in 11k i get called but the big stack 200+ with A3 and he gets called with AK. I always seeem to get my money in the best and that is all i can do, the Flop A3K my 99 are dead, the turn a3 and the river a blank so the worst hand wins again A3 fills up to take down over 100k pot. What i don't understand is ok, making my call sure but not good, what if i have AQ Aj Anthony hight than A3 he is dominated. However calling the all in bet of the last guy he has to have something to put 70k on the line. Why do players make such bad moves. are they just bad payers or do they actually think they have the best had holding A3? I wish i could do an academy and bring these questions and scenarios to the table with the pros so i can at least have a bit of sanity in understand tat my thought process is right and that these that are calling with A3 off are just morons? Anyway.. This is Da Nutz saying I will be posting my own poker Blog real soon and the name will be catchy , but i will continue writing here and explaining Living DaNutz.... Da Nutz say goodnight for now but i'll b back at it...and I'll win.