Si her I am again thinking I'm gonna blast thorugh this again, Im gonna be on TV with 100k and i'm gonna win money aganst the pros becasue i have been playihg just as long. So i'm seated in teh BB with 53off suit, eveyone limps in so i CH. The Flop come 3c,5d,8c so the pot is about 5k right now, I Ch it whihc was the wrong play 2 clubs on board giving a free card is all wrong. half the pot bet or an all i bet would have been the right play. So i up my bet to pot, I get 3 callers, one guy has 5,8off and the the last al in calls with AJ of? the turn a 9s and the river my fav card 3c for the boat and 16k in pot wining to move to 1st place. but it goes to show you that the BB with AJ should have made it 3 best to go. Bu there didn't do the right thing and i got in for cheap hit my 2 pr and filled up on the river. Now i have some more fighting to do but i think i may qualify for this. This blog is dedicated to the Big Game and my opportunity to qualify. if i do make it to the 200 possible TV interviews i know i will get it so pull for me. Coming back from Vegas and playing real Bricks and mortar casinos to playing back online is much different and i must say i enjoy the face to face seems so do all the pros... I'm Blasting through, pull for me and lets see how it does. Ok the break is almost over..I'll let you know I'm seated in first with 33,000 ch I just picked up another pot and seated with 36,000 so we will follow through and i'll let you know how it ends up hopefully i'll make it to the 300 this time and not make a stupid play like in my last game. Da Nutz 1116 saying see you at the tables.