So there I am signed up and ready to Blast through 10,000 players....right..LOL. Well i believed i could do it and sure enough i'm rolling, cards are connecting, i'm playing my position right , text book playing Just as i was taught. Kid poker style, Doyle and all the other stars. I'm player great. So i'm seated at a table I was chip leader with 270,00+ chips, I lose a couple of hands so i fins myself sitting with 250,00K+ and one other player 2 seats off my right called Goose. HE has me out chipped 2to1 or just under around 380K in chips. we chatted he was at my table through 2000 players and he knew my style strong aggressive playing. No crap in my arsenol! So we are working the table blowing out the smaller stacks and staying away from each other most of the time. During this we are chatting to each other in the forum , Then i change gears one more time, to turn it up a bit, Now I am seated 30th out of 500 players...remember what i said, i'm ready to blast through 10,000 player..YA But i knew i could do. So i'm in middle late position, Goose is in early position the the blinds are 2000/4000 at this point with a 300 600 anti i think. The player under the gun just calls ( maybe a trap for a big hand) then it fold over to Goose, he raises 3 times to 12k, it gets folded to me, I think for a bit and i re-raise him all in, it gets folded through the blinds Mr. Under the gun folds like a dirty shirt and its back on Goose, Hi thinks for a bit then calls, What do you think I'm holding? What do you think Goose is holding, Should i have butted heads with him, Well, I'm holding ppQQ and Goose called me with AK. i think he made a bad call because he would have had to put me on AA or KK and that makes him a 90% Underdog...his call was only Good not great pro players in that position knowing that 300 make it in would have released that hand because they seen my play always all in with DaNutz, but he put it all on the line with a 50/50 coin flip. Maybe i should have just flat call, if i'm in that position again i think i may just call, But this is a question for the Boys to answer and i'll see what Kid Poker has to say. I think the play was to just call? I also think that AK is a possible fold there. Anythoughts