Hello all,

If you are reading this than you are either a donkey or you get pissed by their plays. I used to hate them. In fact I would get so upset I would not play for weeks or even months. However I just can not stay away. I love poker! I have been playing for years and it is part of my blood. So how did I come to love the Donkey??? Easy! I figured out that the donkey can teach me something about my own game. 

If you are getting beat often by the Donkey than you are playing crazy poker. Slow down, calm down, and be patient. This is the hardest lesson I have learned in poker, yet the most important one too. Once I started practicing patience my tourney ranking increased 10 fold. I saw myself closer to the final table by like 200-300 players. My chip stack didn't increase like crazy but I was progressing and mostly more than average. So I have to say that I love the Donkeys because they have taught me and spawned a better more driven poker player. Plus lets face it They thin the herd too.

Donkey on, Donkey players; Donkey on.

The Donkey Lover