Hey guys just thought id share this hand with everyone. Right so im in a $11 tourny 25k gtd on stars...i pick up AQs in late position, guy raises before me (loose aggresive) so i plan to see a flop with a call see if i can catch a flop to try slowplay him. Flop comes Q72 rainbow, he c-bets (which i was expecting) the read i put him on for me was aggresive too so i re raise there with a call from him, turn brings a J with 2 spades on the board now, J and Q, he bets again and i ship it all in, instant call from him with k10 spades the river then brings the 5 of spades which i think is really sick and to make it worse i watched him donk my chips goin all in with JQo. I just wanna know why people bovver, yeah i know thats poker suck outs happen but i mean why would you call a re raise on the flop with no draws just a K high?