so i am playing in a tournament today and just wanted to know if i made the right play or is there an argument for just calling and geting away on the flop.


so we are rather deep in the tournament and i am sittting 41st out of 176 people left

the blinds are 2000 4000 and i am on the button with 95716 chips and am dealt kk

under the gun min rasies to 8000 (123987 stack), which is then 3 bet by the cutoff to 17975 (104567 stack).

what i am asking is is the corect play to shove over the top woth kk in this spot?

as i am writing this you can guess what happened i shove got a fold from utg but cutoff called with aj and spiked an ace on the flop and game over.

now when i was deciding to shove i figured one of them had like a10 aj aq which i thought would be an instant muck if i shoved all in, only going to be called by ak, aa, qq or maybe jj. am i right to be assuming this, should a10 aj or aq be folding here? if not then i guess it would be better to just call see a flop and fold to an ace high flop?

or by not shoving am i missing value from a10, aj, aq when i call and a low board comes and they fold on the flop?


opinions would be greatly apreciated as i am confused by this one/