i think i just witnessed the greatest hand in history sadly i wasnt apart of it but i saw it and it was the badest beat i think i have ever seen.


i was play a satellite to the 2.20 hot tournament for .22. was early on in the tournament and the blinds were 25 50.


utg raises the standard 3x raise and the button reraises allin to 2105 a very large reraise, the bigblind calls and utg reraises over the top and goes allin and the bigblind calls.

so both the button and utg are allin with i think the bigblind having 500 or so left over.

time to reveal the cards, utg 2s2c, button has 2d2h and the big blind has acah

anyway i think from the title you can guess what happens

flop come AsKs3d

turn 8s

river 9s

utg wins with 2s2c with a flush

this is the most incredible thing i have ever seen in my life


sorry but had to share this with you all, makes most other bad beats look resonable hahahaha