hey all

i was playing in the 5.50 6max turbo last night and got knocked out with a hand i feel like i just got unlucky, but was wondering if i played it incorectly.

so it is level 5 of the game and i am in the cutoff with KK, under the gun raises to a crazy 5x and utg+1 flats, as i dont want to play against 3 when it fold around to me i put in a hefty 3 bet, witch put utg all in he calls, and then utg+1 shoves. i start feel sick to my stomach as i contemplate a call (which would leave me with 100 chips left).

i make the call and to my suprise am a massive favourite as utg has A10off and utg+1 has 66, but as you can prob guess a 6 comes and its all over for me.

i am just wondering is there ever a case where its correct to fold the kings there? and given the hands surely a10 off and 66 would fold in that spot if they had any sense.


di i get unlucky or played it incorectly