so i have been playing poker for a few years now and i am feeling my game is improving with every game, so much so that i am starting to win tournaments and getting some good top end finishes. however i always want to improve so i can move up from the micro stakes and challenge for some decent prize money. to do this i have taken advice from pros and got myself a holdem manager program so i can find out where my leeks are. one stat i founf interesting was that i am only winning with aces (AA) 18% of the time (hand size around 120000), no mattter when i am slow playing or just open shoving. I dont know but to me i find this very low considering it is the best starting hand and preflop you are atleast a 20% favourite against all other starting hands. I am getting to the point where this is the biggest leak in my game so am considering that i should just be folding AA preflop as it is what is costing me the most money. Should i just fold them preflop or am i just getting extremely unlucky and in time this stat will turn itself around?