ok i made my first blog yesterday,  finally!!! had planned on doing this for a long time

ok well y make another blg so soon. ehh dont hv nothing to do... ok im kidding

this blog is gonna serve as my motivation... i hv set goals before and not do them because im just me.... this time i thought maybe i can document it, so that others can see and hold me up to task to complete it.

so starting tomorrow i want to average 50 games a day 5days a week so thats 250 games a week and 1000 a month

1.5 stt that is well my br is only $180 right now so that gonna be tough

looking forward to it

secondly hand reviews when i was playing before i had everything reviewed, but that has stopped i dont know y but i would like to resume the practise and im gonna make the hand analysers here lives hell for the next few months

dont worry i wont post all here ill post some on another pokerschool so everyone will hv alot to do