hey im miguel also known as danan758 on pokerstars. i played at pokerstars since december of 2011.

I'm a young man from the beautiful island of st.lucia, a small island south of the bahamas home of the PCA

i actually turned 18 on november of last year so i played illegally for over a year, got all that sorted out and now i am finally able to get on playing freely.

i learnt to play poker from my little bros psp he had a poker game on there and he showed me the hand ranking and stuff he was only 13/14 and playing poker . well i liked it, and saw a wsop event on espn and  i then downloaded pokerstars and started playing on play money,

i downloaded the version without real money didnt know there was another version so i was stuck on play money tables until i saw a video with the complete version, which was december 2011

i stumbled upon pso learnt the basics here and not the madness i played be4 at playmoney

i started gaining results in the freerolls from there even made a few hubbles and league final tables(-1

i came across a advanced pokerschool which gave a starting capital to a poker client of my choice, signed up chose my site made very deep run in a 10k gaurantee with that money and cashed out soon after(-1

i was awake at the beginning of my 18th bday and within 30 minutes i had signed up on 5-6 new pokersites, so finally i had legal poker accounts

one of those new poker sites offered $7 starting capital which i happily claimed i nursed the $7 in $80 within 2-3 weeks, that money was slowly decreasing and the games they offered was not very attractive

I got my pokerstars account fixed. I didnt hv a credit card and still dont, but i wanted to play at stars. i finally came up with a plan, i got a friend from my sng study group to help me, i sent him my money from the other poker client and he transferred it to me at stars

That was $40 thats all that was left from the $80, i started playing $1.5 stt at stars and within 2-3 weeks i had raised that money to $100 with an roi of 35%+ and also came 80th in the mercury leaderboard in one of those weeks

Well that upswing couldnt last very long, I then hit the all time low i couldnt win a flip, so my bankroll quickly found itself from $115 to $47.

started to mix in small satelites to my grind

i satelited into a few tourneys but i made the final table of the big 2.2 i finished in 9th i made a very ridiculous play and that was the end of my hours of great play i took home $80 from that boosting my bankroll bk up

one week later i was playing the big 5.5 and finished 45th earning $60, giving me my highest br yet

by 2nd january  2013 my br was $202 when i ended my day

I'm still grinding the 1.5 stts but u can also find my playing micro tourneys and occassionally the 45mans, I got silver status.

My goals- to make extra money off poker and to move up to atleast $10 stt limit  and maybe play professionally one day, and to get SN before 2015

thanks for reading and keep track of how far i can take that $7 u already seen how i turned it into $200in less than 2 months, i know u want to see the end so stay tuned for more updates