(MTT BASICS - ChewMe1)

whenever I feel like I need a little poker TLC, I know that if I hop along to listen to Chris, ChewMe1's inimitable style of describing the basics of MTT play it gets me straight back on the road to recovery.

The basics of MTT is a simple and easy to get your head around re-setting of your mind after a run of games where you think you may have applied the basic rules, but have still lost out to some hands that you should have either destroyed, or perhaps more importantly, not entered into in the first place.

Most importantly about this video, is the no nonsense way in which ChewMe1 explains and seeks to reassure you that its OK to fold hands like KQs.  Its also interesting to see the comments of the players who are taking part in the video chat as they reassert to you that its not all about bluster and trying to push other players around, but having patience to wait for the right hands to make your move.

The way ChewMe1 talks is like a mate in the local pub with whom you are having a beer and discussing the pros and cons of life, making it more easy on the ear, rather than what can sometimes end up as a directional tutorial where you switch off after five minutes of boring monotone.

Well done ChewMe1.  I love your style and long may you keep doing videos on Pokerstars.