as of November 10th, the day i watched 19honu62's first SNG vid.

I'm an Old PokerXfactor subscriber and learned how to play sng's and mtts from Johnnybax and Sheets. Also watching the odd video from Rizen and Bel0wab0ve.

I love to play sit n gos but I took a wrong way about doing it. I started by doing nothing but turbos so I could play alot of volume in a short period of time. I noticed I was only coming out even or maybe a few $ up everyday. So I decided to watch a few more training vids to see why im doing the way I am. Here to find out its VARIANCE. My new favorite word that 19honu62 told me about. Which in the end I never really thought of but when I did realized he was completely right on it. I should of been doing regular games NOT turbos. The day I started doing regular games I noticed my ITM stats drastically increased. As of today Nov 29th. My stats look much better then they did and after 48 games. Ive cashed in 24 games and I'm making more money everyday. 

At this point in time for regular games my ITM is 50% but I think will be more accurate as I play more games.

I'll eventually move up buy-in levels but I'm also trying to hold strict to my Bankroll Rules. I realize at this point i dont have 100 buy-ins for a $1.50 - 9man SNG. But I find it useless to play anything else with the BR I do have right now. As I build a roll I will move up in buy-in levels but only after I attain 100 buy-ins for that level.

Anyone want to join me in a chat or would like to participate in building a BR with me...Give me a yell and we'll hook up. Always interested in meeting new players