Hello fellow PSO members!

Well its this time of the year again. WBCOOP 2012 is comin soon and everyone is tearing up with excitement as poker Bloggers all over the world will be fighting for a little piece of the action and share their tales with the community.

Up to five thousand dollars up for grabs for best blogger, best live twitter and a WBCOOP leaderboard aswell as the possiblity to earn some SCOOP tickets for the upcoming spring is nothing to sneeze at and so the epic battle will begin on february 23rd through march 4th where cards will fly every direction, flops will be hit hard, luck will turn and rivers will flow abundantly.

Now as some of you may know, i've been dealing with personal issues in the past few months having to do with the devastating loss of a close family member which is in itself already difficult to cope with but it also came at a crucial moment in my poker journey as i was in the thick of good things to come and it put an abrupt halt to it.

I have been playing poker for about five years now and i havent really gotten a breakout moment. Been studying the game, practicing a lot, trying to hone my skills. Every time i would try to take a shot it seemed like luck wasn't on my side. All that  just to be a slight winning player while going to school. That's until last year when i qualified to be a member to represent my country in the America's cup of poker in south America. I thought " Hey! this might be it! " But it wasn't.

It was a bittersweet moment for me to see my Team Canada teammates go to Uruguay and snatch the Americas cup of poker for a second year in a row while i was at home grieving even though i was ecstatic and truly psyched that they had done so well and who i wanna congratulate. You guys have done great job! It has taken its toll on me and i wouldnt wish this on anyone. On the other hand, i'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason and maybe ,had i been there, things might have turned out differently, who knows.

Getting back on the horse is proving to be quite the task but this is my passion and wether it'll be as a recreational or a more serious player , not even death can keep me away from having a go at it, slowly but surely. Winning five thousand dollars would definitely serve as useful tool in regards to bankroll management, moving up stakes and shot taking but i would just probably take a piece of it to treat the ones that i love to some presents and keep the other part on Pokerstars for business. 
Finally, i would like to give a shout out to all the PSO members who have supported me. This is a great community with lots of cool peeps and a great place to learn and practice. Much love! I wanna wish good luck to all particiating in the WBCOOP 2012! Take care everyone and cya soon on the felt!