Hello everyone!
                         I managed to qualify for the Americas cup of poker 2011 which will finally be held in Uruguay instead of first intended Argentina August the 8th and 9th. It was a tough race near the end as 5-6 peeps were still in the contending with a couple days left. Multiple of those were PSO members in the likes of sandtrap777, Collins"AA" and Easychips4u, the latter 2 ultimately qualifiying aswell.

I'm very excited as this will be the biggest poker event i've ever taken part of in my life and can't wait to meet all these guys over there. A lot is at stake here as It will be a 2-day event in which my fellow countryman and i will try and defend the title and do a repeat as Canada is currently Americas champion and there is also quite a bit of money on the line! Everything is set for an epic battle!

I feel very fortunate to have such an opportunity and hope everything goes well. I will post more info on here as soon as possible. Take care everyone and see ya'll on the tables!