I don't know if it's the language barrier or what, but lately I've noticed that there are ZERO manners on the tables at Poker Stars. In the past two weeks I've managed to make a royal flush (my first and only in Hold 'Em ever), a straight flush, a couple of quads, and many many full houses. All of these hands resulted in large pots won, so each hand was obviously played well (not to toot my own horn, but most often monster hands can't win large pots because of the scare cards that have to be on the board for said monster hands to exist, so getting people to call large bets, or tricking them into building the pot for you are feats in my opinion).

No one says nice hand anymore. Not once with all of those hands did I see a "nh." Nothing. If I call with a lower flush and am dominated, I get told how horrible of a player I am without fail. But when I have the goods, the rare monster goods, not a peep.

This troubles me because if I were playing the same people in a casino, I'd have to assume they wouldn't say anything when I flipped my cards in those same spots. It makes me want to stop using my manners too. I don't say nice hand to people nearly as often as I used to.

You know what's even more aggravating? When I turn quads, sucker someone into pushing their stack my way, and get no props, then the very next hand some donk rivers two pair to win a hand and people say "nh" to them. That makes me want to scream.

I don't need your acknowledgement. I know my own worth and don't need others to confirm it. However, simple manners are important in society and when they are so blatantly lacking, it's a disturbing sign of the times. It can only go downhill from here.