I have noticed lately that more and more people are using the NAPL Shootout Freerolls as a way to simply toss the dice. They are going all in, every hand, regardless of holding, position, or players left.
This is getting ridiculous! These people aren’t real poker players, they are just gamblers.
I am currently waiting for the rest of the tables to finish up so I can begin the final 6-handed table of one of these tournaments. I'm hoping the people who win their first tables decide to use some thought and skill in this final table, because I'm not at all interested in gambling on the deck!
Perfect example: The first hand brings an all-in battle of the blinds. Small has AJo, big has K2d (what is he thinking???) Flop comes 3d, 5d, 5s (ok now would be a plausible time for that big blind to be pushing, but before this came along???). Turn is 4s. River is 5c, keeping the A-high small blind in the competition, and knocking the nefarious K2d out.
In hindsight, I would hope the person in the big blind recognized his/her mistake, being so impatient. Yes, there are a bunch of these tournaments each day. Yes, they are freerolls. But all you are doing is making the same mistakes over and over. Playing more tournaments and going all in every hand until you either knock people out or (more likely) get knocked out yourself isn't a better strategy than playing fewer tournaments and trying to actually use skill in each one. Playing kamikaze isn’t doing yourself, or anyone around you, any favours. But I doubt they did recognize their mistake. I'm sure they moved on to the next one, looking for the all in button yet again.
And the small blind? I like AJ, but offsuit and in the first hand? He got lucky to be against someone with a weaker holding. He did carry himself through most of the first round with his strategy. He was a ruthless attacker, pushing all in 19 of the 39 hands we were dealt, ending up heads up with me. And what about me? Well, I pushed or called an all in 12 times, actually having all my chips in only 3 of those times, and winning in the end with a QJo against his 3To. I guess you could say I got lucky, but I prefer to think he got lucky to last as long as he did, and I used my patience, skill, and ability to watch for opportunities to exploit his obvious lack of poker talent to grind him down.
There is no thought involved when clicking the all in button every chance it appears on your screen. You could be a monkey and you'll win a tournament doing just that - on a rare blue moon, that is. There will often be someone (like me) who sits at your table using their thought and skill, and they are going to catch on quick and take you down on their terms. And when you do win one through sheer dumb luck, you get what? A ticket into a tournament that involves a lot more players than the shootout, and 99% of them are playing with thought and skill, instead of blind or dumb luck. Good luck with that.
End note: I finished in 4th in this one. Guess the gamblers got the best of me. Next time I hope I come across players, not people playing craps with cards.