I've heard the term donkey hurled around tables at all levels , from play money to high stakes. I once saw a hand on T.V. where a player (player 1) raised the pot with QQ , player 2 smooth called with 7 9 off suit. I know , youre probably thinking "what a donkey" but what if player 2 read player 1 in any range combining J to A and knew a small board would give him an advantage or at least even the playing field . The flop came 6 9 2 , player 1 made a large bet player 2 called , turn came 7 giving player 2 two pair. player 1 saw this small board as strength for his QQ and made another large bet that was instaraised by player 2. After a great deal of thought player 1 shoved all in, once again instacalled. The river had no effect. After storming around the room player 1 came back to the table and said "your a real f ing donkey you know that" and left. I could not see player 2's reaction because his face was obscured by Phil Helmuths chips , player 2 was Tom Dwan (170K) richer. Both players strayed from structured play but only one acted like a donkey. One last F.Y.I. i dont think calling someone a donkey has the desired effect when its proceded by [Observer] . XOXOXO Loosey g00sey.