Well as I explained in an earlier blog, I had to find a job.  So I can no longer play for end of month awards with the current points system.  There is no way a person who cant play in every game every day can really compete for the top prize.

If Pokerstars limited the number of games per month, maybe more people would be competative.  But when a player plays all 180 or so games a month, how can someone who can only play maybe one a day or maybe a few on days off?

No a real fair scoring system.  I not trying to say the the leaders are only there because of numbers,  i have played against most of the current and past leaders, and they ARE good.  But most of them play many more games than most.

Hopefully, some of you agree and can post blogs and forum posts to help get the message to Pokerstars.  Pokerschool has taught me very much and I appreciate the help.

Now that I am working, only alows me to play on my days off and I dont really want to spend my days off playing poker 15 hours to get points for pokerschool.

I'm not sure exactly how to make the changes.  The one idea I have is to keep the ranking system the same so u know where u stand ability wise, but to award league points like the NAPL and Facebook and other leagues do.  League points are based on where u placed in each tournament.  The higher u place the more points u get.  No points deducted for finishing early and getting penalized for losing a hand to a 11k ranked player.  The points awarded are not connected to the rankings.  This way just making the money is not the major award.  So people would actually have to place in the final table to make good points.  No more playing the clock and waiting for the bubble, getting max points and bailing out.  A player would have to consistantly place high to be towards the top.

Since this is my blog, i'll give my opinion of pokerschool from a micro players point of view.
Pokerschool has taught me what hands are best to play and to be patient while waiting for the playable hands.  It also taught me how to be more consistant in making the money.

I believe with a different points system, pokerschool could take members to the next level: Making the final table.

Well see you at the tables when I can find the time.  Good luck and monster hands.