I played in my second Cowboy's Corral Bounty Game tonight.  110 people played.  Finished better than last week.  This week I made it to 17th place and $1.32.  Didn't have any big hands, although I did catch a hand or two late in my part of the game to keep me alive and into the money.  There was one pro who played, Marene, but I did not get to play against them.  They busted out in 99th place.

I highly recommend this game and the other nightly Cowboy's Corral games.  It is a refreshing change of play from the usual PSO games and other MTT's.  All the players seem to have at least some respect for other players and themselves and play good poker.

It's also cool to listen to the simulcast on Spazz Radio.

Thank you to the other players for a good game and see you in the corral.