Played in two games today.  Was taken out both games by people who really don't know how to play other than luck.  As it is in ps, a person really can't play good poker because of the other 90% who play luck and don't care about points.  They just want to "play" poker.  Since ps is a freeroll, these players flock to the games.

Perhaps, there should be a fee charged to play in poker school.  This would weed out a majority of these players.  I would think that Pokerstars would like that idea because a player would HAVE to make a deposit in order play in poker school.  Even a $0.10 buy in would do the trick.  Low enough for even the micro players like myself and requires a player to have made a deposit or lucked out in a freeroll somewher other than poker school.

Any thoughts on the idea?
Pokerstars staff:  what about you?

Oh, stay alert for Kenney109, (what an insult to a great man) will fish to the river and does; and ANDY0728377, he/she/it plays the luck card and has a freeroll mentality.  No real idea what poker school is about.  Just a freeroller.

Good luck avoiding the donkeys, schools of fish and let's not forget: the RIVER!!!!!!!!!