I played in Cowboy's Corral Bounty game this evening.  Only made it about half way through the field.  The game was simulcast on Spazz Radio and featured 2 Pokerstars pros: Roxy24 and K_Man2307.  I was seated at table 5 to start and had K_Man2307 to my left.  I played real tight, my normal style, and waited for something good to come my way.  Eventually I got A-10 Diamonds and bet 3x's the blind and this brought my stack to about 1000 chips.  I dont always play A-10 with a bet so when K-Man went over the top of my bet, by I think twice what I bet, I guess I was probably intimidated by having a pro come over the top of my bet and folded.  I didn't feel the love for the hand any more after K-Mans bet.  It left me with about 1000 chips.  So as the blinds came and went and I was in the big blind, three seats to my right bets and I fold my 5-6 suited when it comes to me.  Next hand was playable, K-6 off, I was in small blind, bb was as short stacked and playing as tight as I was so I pushed a bit.  He folded.  Soon after these last two hands, the radio host and Cowboy interviewed K_Man and they went over the hands that I had while in the blinds.

Now as I was playing the hands, it was a regular fold for me in the bb (5-6 suited).  As I said, I play tight and low suited connectors don't usually hold for me, so I folded.  In the sb with the K-6 was easier to bet.  As I listened to K-Man critique my play, and as I typed this up, I didn't realize I was making so many decisions and calculations and it sounded wierd to hear someone else try to explain what I did. 

I kinda felt that they would have played the hand differently than I did because of being in the blinds.  But then they went on and really did explain why I played that way.  I lost the bb but got it back in the sb.  I wish I would have lasted longer in the game to get more analysis of my game.

Shortly after these hands I was moved to a table with the other pro Roxy24. I was still short stacked, so when I got A-8 spades in the sb, I moved all-in, wem035 came over the top all in with KK and Roxt24 called both of us with A-6 hearts.  The flop: Qh 6s Th; 4h turn; 9d on the river.  Roxy24 takes us both out with the flush.  Ok so I lost to a pro AND it wasn't on the river.  (that came later in PSO).

It was a lot of fun listening to the game being simulcast.  Hopefully I'll still have enough bankroll to play in the next Cowboy Corrals Bounty game.  The Cowboy's Corral games are a refreshing change from freerolls and micro games.  The players are friendly and play solid poker.  Dont have to avoid the newbys and donks.  Just have to avoid the river. (yeah, Right!)  If you havent played in the corral, I recommend that you check into it.

Good luck and monster hands (except against me) to all.