I suppose some people reading my blogs think I am crazy.  Well, I think this proves my point.  Poker school is a device intended to get people to deposit more money.  This and the Sit & Go quiz.  For that you have to make a deposit to get the 5 $3.40 tickets.

I think the Main Event is a good idea, but if you notice, $10.00 +1 buy in?  Little steep for me.  I'll have to play the $0.50+.05 and maybe the dollar satellites.  Don't know about anyone else, but I see a lot of whitestar players indicating that they may not have money in thier bank and just play freerolls.  I see these tournament as a way for Pokerstars to get us to deposit more money. 

Pokerstars is not providing the school for us players.  They just want to make you feel that you play better than you do and go to the ring tables or buy into a tournament.  (worked for me for a while).

Just my opinion.  I think the poker school HAS helped my game and I am glad that it is here for us.  But I was niave to think it was here just to help us play better.

I still can't and wont deposit any more money to Pokerstars.  I actually cant.  Bank wont do it.  I know that there are other ways to get U.S. funds to Pokerstars, but choose not to use them.

Good luck to all and I'll see you at the tables.