Tournament #328825239 
started another game.  rivered on hand 11
watched another river determine hand 14
if i had stayed with the hand the river would have determined hand 17
hand 20
 (25% of hands played, the river determined the outcome with underdog winning.)
1st break
out of that one.  Started new one:Tournament #326536201
watched river determin hand 3.
I'm not going to keep counting.  We all can see the pattern.  Like this is normal????????

If i had the means, i would start an investigation of Pokerstars.  Maybe i'll write to 60 Minutes or some such show.  I wonder if they are interested in investigating online poker?

But, like I said in earlier posts, i'll play my last 14 dollars.

Once again, Pokerstars:  I will not make another deposit.   Period.  End of story.  NO means NO.