Well, seems like pokerstars does not want me to win anymore until I make another deposit.  Not going to happen.  I have not been able to place or win any more money at any kind of tournament.  I will not deposit anymore of my money.  I will instead play the freerolls and know that I will never be allowed to win again.

I was playing my normal game up until July.  $0.10 - $0.25 and freerolls.  Never getting much at this level.  I did ok enough to make my original 2 deposits last for over a year.  Then I discovered poker school.  Seems like I needed to learn to play better.  I read the material, took the quiz and started playing in the freerolls.  Did ok,  Fininished in the top 400.  Thought this was pretty good considering how many people were signed up and playing.  The next month I did even better.  Was on the 1st page for a couple of days (lol) and made the top 100 and money was deposited into my account.  Cool!!!!!!! 

Now with some bankroll I could play some real games (pokerstars intention all along).  Played in NAPL Rookie and Division one games.  Made the cash for the week.  MORE money was deposited into my account.  COOOLLL!!!!!! 

My bankroll was now over $100.00 (starting at less than $10.00) and I decided to try to play in the NAPL Division 1 games with an $11.00 buy in.  Crap, never have bought into more than a $2.00 game, scared stiff.  Made the money and cashed at the end of the week.   MOOORRREEEE money was put into my account.  Bankroll approaching $200.00.    HOLY CRAP BATMAN.

While I was playing the above games, I also won tickets to the Lamborghini games.  Won tickets for all but one weekly tournament and my ticket to the final game.  I cashed in a couple of the weekly tournaments (not much).  I also won a sit-n-go satellite tourney. for the Sunday 1/4 Million.  Cashed in my first one.  Bankroll over $200.00.  Visions of paying rent and bills by playing in the larger stake games and Sunday tournament.

Then the bottom fell out in the last week of September.  Could not make the money in PSO, or the NAPL daily or weekly in any division.  Won another Sunday 1/4 million ticket, could not cash.  I started to panic because my bankroll is dropping like a rock.  Down to $150.00 or so and decided to take some cash out and make my very first CASHOUT.  Wooo HOOOO.  Requested $75.00 (just got check), I have not been able to cash over the first paying spot in any money tournament and very rarely make the cash in the PSO games anymore.

Bankroll is now under $20.00 and still dropping.  Have to stop playing in games over $0.50 to keep some cash.  Will have to keep playing in the freerolls.  In other words back to normal.

Maybe this is just the cycle of poker, but once you notice things, you see it happening to other players also.  Does not pay to wait for good cards and make a play, someone will always either play crap and get lucky, or run up against a stronger hand.  I have never noticed soooo many river losses for good hands than I have in the last 6 weeks or so.  Not just to me, but to all players.  Just to many to be coincident and I don't believe that it is because more hands are played per hour.  I believe that the program is designed to get lower level players to make more deposits.  Higher stake games pay for them self in rake or buy in fees and don't need to force these players to make deposits.  The micro games that a lot of us in Poker School play make no money for jokerstars, therefore they have to force us to make more deposits.

In my case it worked for a while, I did play in bigger games, just not enough to give back all the free money they deposited into my account.  So in order to get it back, I get beat by four card straights, flushes and full houses.  I go all in with a monster hand and lose 70% of the time.  This should not happen.

My fingers are tired from typing.  I will go back to playing micro and freerolls with the realization that I am not, never was and never will be a good enough (or lucky enough) player to help pay bills.  Just a donkey in the herd.

Good Luck to all players