If I didn't hear my thoughts echoed by several different players in both tournaments and ring games I would not give it much creditability. What I would like to know, is why is it that the worst starting hand seems to win more often than it loses? This is only one instance of bad players winning with bad hands. Like I mentioned before, I am not the only one who has noticed this. Pokerstars will say that it is because a player is delt more hands per hour online than in live games. I personally don't believe it. My theory would not be welcomed by Pokerstars. What do you think? I have no proof or evidence of what I believe, but something is rotten in Denmark (Isle of Mann). I have played at Ultimate Bet, Hollywood Poker (b4 they cowered to the U.S. law), Party Poker and some others. None of the other sites conform to my theory, so I do believe I might have stumbled onto something. Of course I am biased because it is my theory and don't really want to state it and make Pokerstars any madder at me then they seem to already be. Why do you think that bad, unsound play is so often rewarded? (take all this with a grain of salt, i have been sucked out on and out drawn so many times in the last few weeks and am a little sore as i type this.)