Over the last year I've been playing so much Omaha that I've lost touch with my NLHE cash game abilities. Since the new year has arrived I guess it's a good time to get back to the NLHE grind and set some actual goals. I have not done much "Zoom" holdem so it may take awhile to get into the swing of things. I'll be starting near the basement at 5NL and attempting to grind up and play 25NL regularly. 

Main Goal:     To grind from 5NL to 25NL through zoom poker tables using proper bankroll  management.

Rules:     Only move up a level at 40 Buyins (100x BB). I must move back down a level if I drop down below 30 Buyins.


10NL Req  $400 BR ----> Drop down if BR below $300 

Move to 25NL at $1,000 --------> Drop down if BR below $750

Secondary Goal:      To achieve a minimum of Silverstar each month. Must keep track of running T$/R$ bankrolls made from FPP Tournies/Saties seperate from the main bankroll used in zoom progression.