Greetings all. I thought it might be handy to see various players prefered hud customizations. The following explains mine a bit. Feel free to comment with any tips

Line 1: Hands / Vpip / PfR / AF
(Amount of Hands) / (How often opponent Voluntarily Puts money in Pot) / (PreFlop Raise %) / (Aggression Factor)

Line 2: Pref 3bet / Call 3bet / Flop Cbet % / Fold to Flop Cbet
(Percentage Opponent 3bets Preflop) / (How often the Opponent calls down other 3bets) / (How often the opponent makes a contunuation bet on flop) / (How often opponent folds to other Cbets on the flop)

Line 3: Attempt to Steal Blinds / Fold Bb to steal / Fold BB to SB steal / Calls from BB when facing steal

Definition on a few terms (Just in case :wink: ):
Continuation Bet:  When a player bet out or raised during a prior betting round, the act of betting out again.
3bet- Simply put, a 3bet is when a player makes a raise against the first raiser in a hand.

I also like to color coordinate my HuD for quick viewing. I personally use Green / Red / Pink color ranges to represent various levels of aggression or passivity.

Green representing a fairly loose or aggressive stat
Red representing somewhere in between the two - usually where the tougher players ranges land
Pink representing very passive stats 

I find these particular statistics give a good feel for the game at most levels. You get a quick feel for a players style, and who to pick blinds off of. I know many people like to go crazy with their stats but I like keeping it fairly simple.