I've been playing mainly freerolls lately, fine-tuning aspects of my strategy, and i've run into heaps of all-iners. The pso freerolls are particularly bad, probably due to the fact that they offer a cash prize.

So what do you do here if you want to (at least) get itm?

Here's what i've been trying:

I dont know if this is bad poker ettiquette, or if someone has already tried this and found that it doesnt help, but if you have a problem please read the blog description.

So the tourney starts with, most times, 10,000 entrants.

Of these, at least 2,000 are total donkeys and will go all-in with a 2 7 offsuit. The general rule is to play super tight. That's fair enough, you cant argue with logic. But while folding the majority of hands, blinds are being taken, slowly decreasing any leverage you might have later on in the tourney.

While everyone is frantically going all-in trying to see as many hands as possible (and a few of us are folding nearly every hand) i like to use up my time as much as possible. Without using my time bank (which i use only when a blind is taking me all-in) i stretch out the amount of time between hands.

This allows less hands to be played at my table during the crazy early and middle phase. It may not sound like much, but while you're waiting there are literally hundreds of tables playing where serious players are feeding blinds to donkeys.

Whether this technique helps or not, I don't know. But I find some pleasure watching the number of players drop while i look blankly at my cards, waiting for my time to run out, knowing that i will be folding. Admittedly, my best place in a pso freeroll is only 131st (I've only been playing them a week now) but i have made final table many times in the astrologer freerolls.

I have many more techniques too, that involve timing and table position but that's for another blog. Now it's time to play.