Project 10k is my goal of winning 10k in the year 2012. Still an amateur who plays whenever I have time. Currently I started the day with about 3414. End of the session I have 3680+. Felt like I tilted when coming to the end of the day, mostly due to my involvement in a hand where I pushed 66 into AQ and Busted the hot 33. Best run of the day was a 4th place finish on $8 180man MTT. Picked my spots well and played well. Sadly, KQ couldnt outrun TT to cripple me. Busted when I ran AJ into TT again.. Oh well, will try again. While multi-tabling I was also playing some 0.5/1 cash games, made some profit playing this when I got aces all in against ducks on a 2h6h9h flop.. Rivered a flush.. Lucky one there. Won't have much time to play over the weekend so I'll try play whenever I can over the next 2 days.