Hi to all,

I joined and downloaded PS 2 or 3 years ago, and until the last few months i have only been playing the Tourney Freerolls (Hubbles NLHE) and have only made it to the next stage once with a 53rd placing to end up been entered into a Badugi game, and i was like wtf? what is that? but i had a few games and studied up on the game of Badugi before the comp started and well i didnt come last but i realised that NLHE was the game for me Haha.

The last few months i have deposited the min amount of money required $10USD once a week and been entering the 100k and sum $1.50 9plyr STT, regularly picking up a top 3 finish for the STT and 8/10 times pick up a small amount of money on the 100k (.80c the most haha).

But my best is a 1st in a 18 player $1.50 MTT taking $9.30 which i was on a high for a while, doesnt sound like much but when you make what you have deposited or there abouts is AWESOME!!

But i have put most of that winning down to the great tutorials here on PS, because before i read them i was playing like a egg not a donk or a fish a damn EGG, thats our Kiwi version of a bad player, well i have just made that up haha (ref to the movie 'Boy' a Kiwi movie)

I have a long way to go but I will get there and get my Bankroll Bigger and better than before!!

My Time Vault Goals for 2013 are as follows....

My yearly goals are

Become a profitable player

Increase my knowledge and understanding of the game

Monthly goals

Reach and keep Silver status

Weekly goals

Watch training videos

Read up on Poker tutorials

Daily goals

Be patient

Be Sensible in my plays