So, being as it's a snow day (meaning I'm snowbound to my house unable to get out anywhere, yes snowbound in Georgia) I've been playing PSO tourneys since the 10am ET one. Finished 34th in it and for a change of pace decided I'd try my luck in another field and started entering the NAPL Shootout SNGs to try my luck winning entry into the NAPL Daily $500 Rookie USA Division game.

I played a few between before the 10am PSO started and came in 3rd... Played a few more afterwards and came in 4th place, but the elusive 1st place finish that gave the "golden ticket" evaded me. So I started playing them 3 at a time after I busted out of the 13:00 ET PSO tourney and had time to waste before the 15:00 ET PSO started.

After making it through the second round of the shootout in about 3 different SNGs I finally managed to make it into 1st place and won the elusive ticket I was after. The final hand came down in the SB at 15/30 blinds. I raised it to $150 and my opponent pushed all in for 3215 which I called holding 5635 in chips leaving me with 2570 chips left. With a pot of 6430 my opponent's hand was opened up to reveal I was facing   and slightly behind on this one. The flop came down   giving him the advantage still but me on a runner-runner flush draw and an inside straight draw. The turn came down with a   giving my opponent 2 pairs and a possible full house but while throwing my flush draw out the window kept my straight draw alive. The river dropped with a   and I could feel my relief as I'd hit the straight winning the hand, eliminating my worthy adversary and getting my ticket to the next level. Screenshot of the final hand can be found here.

Now granted for much of these SNGs I felt like I was in a wild game of Whack-A-Donk as it almost never failed the first hand generated 3-4 all-in calls and a mass exit. In fact one time I sat out  the first hand purposely and ended up immediately heads up with my 1500 in chips vs his 7500. I was behind but I gave it my best showing and unfortunately didn't make it to round 2 on that one. Even with it being a DonkFest, the insight I'd garnered from my PSO play did help me out along with the normal aggressive play I've exhibited on the tables with many of you.