When you DO get your "set" against a frequent better/raiser, have confidence!


KK-AK-QQ-AA-AQsuited-AKsuited are good to call, or raise from all positions, in HE.

BEWARE post flop, if you DO NOT improve your hand...aggressive players win BIG pots when their small set hits the nuts over your "Over" cards, analyze the table cards to see if opponent can actually pull off a str8 minimum, I wouldn't worry often at all about 3/kind ahgainst an aggressive player.

Aggressive players are opportunists, praying on your weak hand forcing a fold, or slow betting the nuts.  Sit back and observe if possible, to support my theory.  A good sign aggressor is fishing, or waiting for their draw to hit, is that they call, not raise throught the turn, and river, on your bets, and will minimize their betting, if they play earlier in position.  They may try a raise/bluff, but analyze to determine if aggressor can ACTUALLY beat you as common cards sit.  This could include your outs, theirs, draws, and what you are HOLDING...good luck, folks.

Thx, and Be Confident!