Did pretty well in the freerolls/10c games. Unfortunately the longer tournaments are hard for me to focus on for the whole length. Theres always going to be some interruption like feeding the baby or helping with the groceries or something, I can set aside half an hour to an hour easily enough but when the damn thing has gone for 2 hours and still has a long way to go it becomes a bit of a problem. Its also unfortunate in that the last bit is where a few places can make a lot of difference, so not being able to concentrate or play at all for 5-10 minutes really disrupts things.

I came ~45 is a pokerschool open skill leage game then. It took so long to get to that point I was simply sick of playing and started to be completely loose because I just wanted to stop. If it were a bigger money tournament I would have forced myself to focus but for this I couldnt muster the effort.

Still, pretty happy with how I've been going, re-reading these poker school courses refreshed my memory on a couole of minor details and I think its helped. Particularly focusing on calculating the number of outs. Need to do that more.

All good so far though.