So heres what I'm doing.

I want to make money playing online poker.  Unfortunately millions of other people want to do the same thing. Realistically I need to have some advantages over the average poker player in order to turn a profit. The advantages i mean to make use of are these:

1. I'm a genius. This should help in the learning and decision making.

2. I have a solid grasp of basic mathematics and statistics. This should be a given for any poker player but fortunately it is not.

3. I have plenty of free time. So I have time to make an effective strategy and apply it accordingly.

4. I have the capacity for tremendous patience. Unfortunately I sometimes neglect this attribute and blow all my money getting greedy.


Number 4 on this list is what I believe my biggest problem has been so far in making this all work. I play smart and patient for a day or 2 and slowly build my bankroll, but then I lose some bullshit hands where I have pocket aces and they all in with 2.7 unsuited and 2,7,7 comes out on the flop and this happens like 3 times in 15 minutes and I lose all the money I made over the last 5 hours  so I rage and go to higher stakes tables to try and get it all back quickly then invariably lose it all if not the first time then the second or third time it happens,

This is incredibly stupid and I want to stab myself in the ear with a rusty screwdriver every time it happens, but such is life and all I can do is try to learn from it and become stronger.


This is where this blog comes in, trying to keep myself grounded and committed to a longer term result. Hopefully it works.