So....sitting by my PC on Tuesday afternoon and the phone rings......Hello?

caller: Greg?

Me: Yes.

Caller: It's (name) from (local radio station) won the lotto for the ticket into the Poker Championship at McPhillips St Station casino!!!!!

Me: YES. That's fantastic - thank you so much!!!!!

caller: You're welcome, good luck!!


Well, that changed my week (month, year??, poker life all time ?!?!?!?) as you can imagine.


A local radio station here in Winnipeg, MB Canada, often has prizes available on their website for members of their listener club.  I have been a member for years, but hadn't entered for a prize in a long time, and I had built up quite a few points over time.

Recently, I saw they were running a lottery for a big local poker event.  You could put in one "ticket" for 3000 user points.  As I had close to a million user points, I started by submitting 50 entries (150,00 of my points).  I was intending to enter more in the week to come.

As there were no odds of winning/entries received posted online, I emailed the station to ask if I could know how many entries there were.  I worked out that I had about a 15% chance of winning - excellent odds for a lottery!!! - but whatever happens......right?

The next week passed, as things do, and I had forgotten that Tues Apr 19/16 was the draw date. I had forgotten it was so close.

So when I got "THE CALL", I was shocked, ecstatic, and just generally high-fiving the air!!!!

What to do next....the LIVE tourney starts at NOON in THREE DAYS!  So much to do!!

So much preparation to do - play games, study strategies, add as much knowledge to my game as I can in the next 3 days!!!!!

Post requests for LIVE MTT suggestions on the forum and PM's to poker buddies in the PSO!!

Next: Part 2 - Quest for Knowledge!

Thanks for reading!!!!