Well, it's been an interesting day.  I hadn't been playing much in the last month or so - and April was a bad month for me - seemed I just couldn't win playing my fave 50/50 SNG's - or anything else.


May started a bit better,and then I placed 4th in a 90-man SNG the other day - among my better finishes of the year for sure.


I decided to play the PSO Open today.  I usually play in it a lot, having been in the Prem for quite a while as well in previous months.


Anyway, my first PSO Open of the month (today, May 10!) went very well and I placed 310!  I played the next and also had a under-400 placing!!!

I wasn't sure that the Big Bang promo still existed, so I scouted around and found the forum topic and now I was thinking Big Bang Ticket!!!!!


Sure enough, my 3rd Pso Open in a row went well, and "taa daa!"  - another under 400 for 3 in a row!!!

Wow!!!!  I never EVER thought I would qualify for this!  I even thought the 3-in-a-row under 400 was a near-impossible task in the Open - given the amount of...shall I say......"wild" players in this

event that are given to playing any 2 cards.


Well, I must eat my sarcasm now and admit - it CAN be done!!!  I have to give credit to one poker friend, in particular, for showing me a different way to play the PSO Open - tight - but not as rock-tight as I had played it in the past.


Thanks to PSO/PokerStars promotions for the Big Bang opportunity - and to the PSO community through which I learned to adapt my game, and with a little luck, achive a new goal!

Good luck to everyone on the felts, and I hope to see many PSO'ers in the June Big Bang.  I'll be the guy with the big smile!