Hi all PSO league-ers!

I was pretty active in this league about a year and a half ago or so...boy things have changed!!  Getting used to having to register right at 15 min before a tourney - or get shut out! LOL!!  That was never a problem in the "old days".

It IS good to see so many more players from around the world in the PSO now.  I think there used to be about 2000 per tourney in my "good old days" - now it's 10,000 - wow!!

My goal over the last couple of months has been to make the top 2000 and get in the $ in the monthly standings - so far so good.  I think I have a good chance to crack the top 500 - but I'd have to start playing more than 25 tourneys a month (on average) - and not sure I can make the time for that.

I miss all the U.S. players I used to chat with in the "old days" as well.  I hope the powers that be in the U.S. change things and allow those folks back onto the PSO and $ tables again soon.  Sigh.....

Funny story from today's (May 18, Noon CDT) pso open tourney...I wasn't getting anything I could play, so I was doing the usual "wait and see" hoping to scrape out a few +ve points.  Finally, I get down to my last 5 chips (!!) and wake up with AA!!  ....then it gets beat by trip 6's! LOL!!  Oh, well, only would have bought me 2 or 3 more hands I think - maybe 20 or 30 ranking positions.  So it goes!

Good luck to all in the PSO!  Say "Hi"  if you remember "curler1964"

See ya at the tables......