I was having a good tourney at 9am (CDT) this morning (Oct 6/10). Won some pots at the right times, and made it to the 2nd hour break, only 5 or 6 spots from the money. If I just held on for about 5-10 minutes, I'd be in the cash! On the first hand after break, I get AA - wow- pocket rockets!!!! One player goes all-in. His stack is larger than mine, so if I lose, I miss the money. Hmmm....... I almost folded AA, but figured this would be a great chance to go much deeper in the tourney. All-in I go! He had QQ and I was pretty confident. The flop bought rags. Then on the turn, another Queen. Another rag on the river and I was done. Ouch!!!! Next time maybe I will fold AA when I am that close to the money!!! It's not the couple of cents I miss so much, but the extra PSO points. I know I made the right move to go all-in and for a chance to go deeper in the tourney - but maybe not the right decision for an almost guarantee of a money finish. Oh well, live and learn!!! ....................................curler1964