It's a funny game this poker...



Apart from a few slight, non fatal errors, and a couple of brutally bad beats - one of which I managed to turn round and win the game and described in my first blog entry - the first half of this week was really good for me.  Putting what I had learned in this Pokerschool, it seemed I was leading a charmed life, hitting flops hard, and winning hand over fist.

All this changed last night.  Suddenly and for no obvious reason, I couldn't hit a flop with a sledgehammer, and that's when I get hole cards worth entering the flop with in the first place.

I first noticed this nasty development in the middle of a two table tournment last night.  Things had started off reasonably well and I was actually holding my own and quite happy with how I was playing.  We went down to nine players and all were transfered to the final table.  This one guy who joined us had a huge stack built up in the time, we were still on Level One, and it quickly became obvious how he had managed this.  All-In every hand was his secret, and his constant shoves were soon annoying all the other players at the table.  On one occasion I got an A 10 unsuited; the temptation to shove into him was almost irresistible, but being in an early position, having nowhere near the chips he had, and remembering what PSO said, I folded, possibly a mistake methinks.

Anyway, between us all we finally managed to eject this idiot who was spoiling it for everyone, and settled down to enjoy the rest of the game.  Suddenly I was getting nothing, thrash hands every deal, hands that I wouldn't have considered playing even without drawing on what I had learned in Pokerschool.  Finally I got two cards worth playing, a couple of J's!  In late position and with no serious bets or raises in front of me, one chap called, I put in a raise worth 3BB's.  He called.  The flop came out, all low cards (so I had top pair) but a wet flop with lots of drawing potential.  So I shoved... and he called with a couple of 3's with no other 3 in the flop.  Turn was a blank, River... another 3!!!  While I wasn't KO'd I was crippled, and never recovered.

And since then, it's been downhill all the way!  I've played quite a number of games, but with miserable luck, poor hands and bad beats in all of them.  The last game was the worst in a long time.  I called pocket 8's with my J's (fish hooks are rapidly becoming my jinx hand), only for the other guy to river another 8.  To add insult to injury, one of the other players then chipped in "VNH"!!  Not in a good mood, I responded with "lucky git".  Down to under 900 chips and with the blinds in the 150/75 bracket, I was badly in need of a top up.  Biding my time I waited until I got Ah Qh and shoved.  One guy called with A J unsuited, so at least I got in with the best hand.  And what happened?  Need you ask with a Jack in the other guys hand... yes a Jack came out, again on the RIver.

So I've decided to stay away from the poker for a couple of days, and go back on Saturday to see if things will have improved a little by then.

Yes indeed, it's a funny game, this poker...