So, here we are with my greasey fingers poised above the keyboard, waiting for me to start typing an entry into my blog.


I've been using Pokerstars for a little while now, but have stuck limpet like to the play money tables.  Then a few nights ago I happened to notice the Pokerschool tab, clicked it, joined the school and here we are!

I'm still studying the first course, Poker Basics.  Even if you've been playing for some time, it isn't a bad idea to do this course, I learned an awful lot about Table Position which I never knew much about, UTG+1 for example!  Then thinking I was going to decimate the play money tables with my new found knowledge, I charged straight in full of confidence!

Alas it was shortlived... a few hands in, and playing exactly as the Pokerschool lessons advise, I get pocket rockets in late position!!!    So in goes a nice wee raise as you do, and some dude in the BB goes and calls me.  Up comes the flop, and another ace appears!!   Time to try to sucker the guy into building the pot, so I put in an amount roughly 1/3 the size of what's already in it.  To my joy, he shoves all in and I hit the call button so hard I almost smashed the mouse!  Over goes the cards, he has raised me with a 2 7 off suit!  So, here I am, sitting with 3 Aces (the one on the flop being diamond), he has a 2d and a 7 whatever to add to the Ace and another diamond on the flop.  Out comes the turn - a diamond - and the river, another fuc... another diamond, giving him a flush and me an early exit!

I guess it doesn't matter how you try to play according to the accepted theroy, you just can't avoid idiots and bad beats!

And speaking of bad beats, what about a game I played a couple of days ago?  There I was with my full house made and ready to scoop the pot, go all-in only to be called with a guy who had pocked 7's to combine with a seven and a pair in the community cards to beat my house with three 5's!  I survived that one,  as luck would have it I had more chips than he had, so even after doubling him up, I was still left with 460 chips.  The blinds were low, and I managed to bide my time, playing how Pokerschool had taught me, and rebuilt my stack!  When the game finally went to heads-up, me and the fellow who had "burgled my house" earlier were facing each other again, and I managed to beat him after a really good battle.

Any lessons from these two little tales?  Well I guess even the likes of Liv Boeree could get caught out with an idiot who goes all-in with 7-2 unsuited (and no lessons in Pokerschool can allow for something like that), but assuming you survive and keep your head, stick to what these guys teach in their courses and you can turn it around to win the day.